Originally from Michigan, Susan studied Graphic & Commercial Design at Western Michigan University.  She is a working artist specializing in, but not limited to, pastels. She has lived in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs for over 40 years and has shown her work throughout the Pikes Peak Region. In 1997, Susan opened “Artist Frame of Mind”, which is a matting and framing business operated out of her home. She has taught both private and group lessons in pastels and is also available for commissioned pieces and portraitures.

“After college, upon arriving in Colorado in the mid 70’s, I put my art on hold while I pursued my music career.  It wasn’t until 1997 when I was introduced to the medium of pastels, that my interest and love of drawing was rekindled.  When I started seriously pursuing my art I discovered I had a good eye for framing my work.  I loved how I could really make a piece come to life with the right choice of mat and frame.  I truly enjoyed the creative process of ‘buttoning up’ and presenting a finished product.  Also I recognized there were a lot of local artists in need of an affordable alternative to an otherwise costly expense to making their art presentable.  So in 1997, somewhat out of financial necessity, I started my own business.  I was taking the creative process from start to finish with the “Artist Frame of Mind”.  As for my drawing, I enjoy the rich and expressive quality of pastels as well as the brilliant colors and textures.  I love the tactile characteristic of the medium…using my fingers to spread and blend the colors; the feeling of “actually getting into my work”.  The subjects that catch my eye and peak my interest are old relics, any bit of “Americana”, if you will, and the hidden character that lies within.” Some of my drawings are directly influenced by images provided by Jo Bailey, Photographer.